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Waverley Helpmates Inc. employs more than 30 people in the different areas of garden maintenance, cleaning and ironing. All our participants are provided with training and get paid for their jobs.

Many people have also come to us for work experience or to try out something new and learn a new skill. As soon as you step foot in our office, we will consider you as part of our team where staff works hard to make sure that you are happy and comfortable in your new environment as well as interact with others and work towards your goals. We want you to feel as part of a community which is why you will have your own customers to work with.

Waverley Helpmates does not hold any waiting list of potential employees because waiting time are unpredictable. You are welcome to register your interest by calling us or simply come visit us, because you never know we might be waiting for you.

Helpmates’ say is valued and important; we believe that you have the right to information, privacy and confidentiality and most of all to be treated fairly, with dignity and respect.

Families, Friends, Carers and Advocates

At Waverley Helpmates, we believe that families, friends, carers or advocates have a valuable role in the lives of our participants. We include them in our processes that are Individual Work Plans, meetings events etc. Although our participants families, friends, carers and advocates are invited to our organisation, our participants have the right to and must consent to have their chosen person as advocate in any of their meetings.  Waverley Helpmates Inc. adopted a person-centred approach where their participants are provided with an environment where they can be comfortable to have a voice. Our Helpmates as we call them, are empowered and valued through individual goals worked on until achieved, improved and maintained.

Families, friends, carers and advocates are welcome to make an appointment to visit the organisation and see what we do. We believe that coming to see us is the best way to have a good idea and to experience the atmosphere through the work of a dedicated team.

Helpmate Application Form

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