About Waverley Helpmates

Supporting the community since 1986


Waverley Helpmates believes that people with disabilities should have the same opportunities as any other person for employment and employment based training which is compatible with their abilities.

Mission Statement

Waverley Helpmates, a supported employment and training program, enables participants to realise their vocational potential and develop their independence through meaningful work. The program provides a quality lawn mowing, ironing and cleaning service to the local community whilst developing participants’ work ethic.


Respect – Waverley Helpmates considers respect to be the foundation of interaction and relationship
Choice – We value choice as we believe that people with a disability should have a choice and a say in what they want to do
Diversity – We respect and  acknowledge diversity at Waverley Helpmates. We believe that everyone is different and has something unique to share and bring to our organisation
Learning – We are always learning. Whether the Helpmates, staff, management committee or other stakeholders, we all have something to learn and to share. Learning is valued as it is key to good service delivery and continuous improvement
Community – Waverley Helpmates acknowledges that we are part of a community and that our work relies on community support. We support our community and they support us
Empowerment – Waverley Helpmates works on empowering people with disabilities as we;; as providing a safe and comfortable environment.


  • Use a Person Centred approach in service delivery, supporting each Helpmate to develop and define their own goals and support needs
  • Meet the individual needs and goals of each Helpmate through their Individual Work Plan (IWP)
  • Uphold the Human Rights of each Helpmate
  • Support the diversity of individuals who have a disability
  • Support and show respect for cultural diversity
  • Ensure that the confidentiality and privacy rights of each Helpmate are upheld
  • Allow provision for each Helpmate to have a say in the planning and operation of the program
  • Promote the independence and social integration of each Helpmate
  • Promote each Helpmate’s awareness of community resources
  • Promote the acquisition of work ethics and skills within Helpmates, to enhance each participants’ opportunity for employment
  • Be accountable to the organisation and funding body
  • Uphold rights of each Helpmate to freedom of expression
  • Promote community awareness of the strengths of each Helpmate
  • Uphold and promote the dignity and respect of each Helpmate
  • Ensure the continuous quality improvement of Waverley Helpmates